Chasing Davies: Private Chef Dining...

April 25, 2012

Private Chef Dining...

I know this is not a food blog...mainly because I've recently come to admit that I can't cook, and hardly ever do (unless you count our nearby grocery store's salad bar? or what about a summer bean salad composed of all canned things and chopped cilantro - there is chopping involved!).

BUT, I have you show you (what I very clearly did not have any part in creating) my California private chef dinner.  This experience was part of my soon to be sister in law's bachelorette party in Sonoma. It was ahhh-mazing. Major props to the Maid of Honor who set up this weekend. 

~The Setting~

~The Menu~

Manchego Quince Skewers
I probably ate 10 of these...If I knew what quince was and were to get it, I'd have these in my fridge right now.

Gruyere and Potato Flatbread
White Bean and Sun Dried Tomato Bruschetta (not pictured)

~First Course~
Baby Mache Salad with Crispy Laura Chanel Goat Cheese

~ Main Course ~
Honeycomb Crusted Petaluma Chicken Breast

Santa Rosa Plum Beignets

If you are ever in Sonoma and want a great chef...check out A Gift of Thyme.

~For Drinking~
One of the bridesmaids made a flower wine glass for everyone!  It is so cute - such a great idea!

The next day was spent in a limo going to and from wineries...

Then I headed back to San Fran to meet up with this guy...
and the rest of my fam.  And just in case you are interested in how Liam did on his first airplane and trip altogether - go here.

Awww, California, I miss you.

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