Chasing Davies: Stripes, Leopard & a Chevron Wrapped Baby

March 5, 2012

Stripes, Leopard & a Chevron Wrapped Baby

All the patterns here!  But by far the best is the chevron wrapped baby (blanket by Jameson Monroe)... I mean, look at that sweet head, and how long he's getting.  My how he's growing... so fast, too fast!  I go back to work tomorrow. TOMORROW. That means this lil man will be 12 weeks old.

On going back to work... brings tears to my eyes thinking of him at daycare not knowing who is holding him.  Will he laugh and smile at them?  Will he remember me when I come to pick him up. Will he be sad to be there, or maybe worse, sad to leave?

Thankfully, 2 days a week he'll be with his Gramma who he loves so much in our home that he knows.

And with time, I'm sure we'll get use to a new routine and get on track.  And hopefully I will stop crying every time I think about him without me for so long 5 days a week...

More outfit, less sappy mom:

{Blazer - Cynthia Rowley via TJ Maxx; Leopard Blouse, Pants, Flats & Purse - Old Navy}

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