Chasing Davies: The Nerdier, the Better

March 19, 2012

The Nerdier, the Better

When it comes to glasses, I say the nerdier the better.  So I went big and bold this time with eyeglasses from I'm also loving tortoise shell at the moment, so when I sorted by color to 'tortoise' and saw these glasses - I was a happy girl. 

When I'm not wearing glasses, I'm wearing contacts, which is usually.  But every now and then my eyes need a break, and even more so, it's a fun accessory to play with.  These are not just funky props, but actually prescription glasses, so I can see.  That's always good.  Without, I'd be 2 inches from this screen trying to see what I was typing right now.

I know there are tons of cool places and brands to buy glasses from right now, but I think GlassesUSA have really affordable options (under $100) and often good sales/deals.  Right now, all the iSee Eyewear Collection brand is 20% off (Code: ISEE20FS) for a limited time.  That is the brand my glasses are and they have a lot of fun ones. As an added bonus, use code Blog10 for 10% off anything from

Check out their virtual mirror, where you can try on glasses online and share with your friends!

Do you were glasses?  Do tell me what your favorite type of frames to wear are! 

 Glasses were given to me from GlassesUSA, but all options are mine.

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