Chasing Davies: First Day Back to Work

March 8, 2012

First Day Back to Work

I went back to work  this week as a totally different person.

I was gone from my job, my company, my work for 12 weeks and in that time I became a different person.  I had a baby.  That changes someone so completely.

But when I came back it was like I never left.  My desk is the same, my co-workers are the same, the work is the same (for the most part).  And I feel like my old self here.  Then I think about my baby and I feel different again.

I kind of feel like I'm in limbo.  I'm sure I'll get myself worked out soon.

Something that is so totally like myself (either one of them) - that leopard belt I'm wearing (again).

P.S. Dress is from Old Navy, so comfy!  Also comes in Pink! Flats are from ASOS (currently unavail).

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