Chasing Davies: Style Tips for New Moms by Kristin

January 3, 2012

Style Tips for New Moms by Kristin

Hi there...Kristin from BonBon Rose Girls here. I'm elated to be guest posting on Meggy's fabulous blog while she's wading her way through the new mama trenches!

Since becoming a mama myself, my style has evolved quite a bit. When my little dude was a wee one, I definitely had to change the way I put together my looks. Before he came along, I didn't give a second thought to throwing on swinging chandelier earrings or a pristine white sweater. After my baby was born, however, jewelry that he could grab, and consequently break, was replaced with sturdy cocktail rings. Clothing that spit up stains would be highly visible on gave way to prints that were better at camouflaging them. These little hints are what I always share with my friends when they join the motherhood!

Having kiddos doesn't mean you have to give up your style. It just means you might have to change it for a bit. Now that my son is three, I'm back to rockin' my statement earrings, but not for long. Bambino number two is due in June!

For full outfit details, visit my Polyovore set!

Thank you so very much, Kristin! Huge honor to have you over here today. :)  

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