Chasing Davies: I Finally Got Dressed

January 9, 2012

I Finally Got Dressed

{J.Crew Sweater; Forever21 Necklace; Anthropologie Skirt; Steve Madden Loafers}

And thanks to my numero uno inspiration, the blogging world and the hundreds I read, I didn't even have to think about my outfit.  This post-preggo brain is easing back to my creative side (and getting dressed in things other than fancy sweat pants & oversized cardigans), and this outfit was totally copied from Jessie's outfit

Last week it was also mid-60s out, thus the bare legs (icky white & lack of a good workout as well).  In January. I could really get use to this, in fact, I kind of have and am really dreading any sort of winter that is heading our way.  The mild 50s with the few even nicer days have been divine.

Post-Preggo Update: These pics were taken 3 weeks postpartum.  My incision point is still pretty sore after a more active day - which includes a little walk around the neighborhood and laundry (hah! way different than my pre & during pregnancy activity).  Skin on my tummy is still pretty loose, but getting better each week.  My uterus seems to be shrinking back to regular size well, which I think breastfeeding is helping with that.  Once I get the all clear from my doctor, I really can't wait to start easing back into my regular workout routine.  I really miss the gym & yoga.

P.S. Part 2 of Baby Liam's birth story is now up (Part 1 here).

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