Chasing Davies: Staying Real, New Mama Advice from Terra

December 28, 2011

Staying Real, New Mama Advice from Terra

Hi everyone! My name is Terra from Stylish White Female. I have the honor of guest posting for Meggy while she spends time with her precious little guy. 

Meggy asked me to offer up a little perspective on my experience as a new mom {I had my little one in September}. Pardon me if I am a little too honest.

There are lots of things that I learned as a new mom. Mostly, I learned that all of the things that people told me would happen, didn't. You know why? Every pregnancy is different. I have found that, if I want to inquire about a woman's life as a new mom, I ask her a very general and open-ended question. Something like, How's it going as a new mom? When you say things like, you must be exhausted, huh?, you're making an assumption about what her unique experience is like. Plus, you are kind of insinuating that the woman to whom you are speaking looks haggard, which is probably the last thing you want to do.  

There's something else I want to address. I have heard so many times about how a woman gives birth and the moment the baby was placed in her arms she never felt love so powerful. And while I don't necessarily doubt that is true, I am here to say that is not what I felt. I immediately felt a crushing sense of responsibility. Being pregnant was a cake walk. Now this wiggly little creature is out in the open and it is my job to ensure nothing bad happens to her. That's really intense. As my little one started developing her own personality, I started feeling that powerful love everyone talked about. But I think it's important for women to know that it's okay if love isn't the first sensation you have when you have a baby. 

I will leave you with just one more little nugget that I have learned since having my babe. It has been imperative to my sanity to spend a little time every day taking care of myself. I try to eat well, workout when there is time, and above all, I put on a little makeup, do my hair and put on clothes that make me feel human. Now, I might not always wash my hair. But I do something with it. I personally really love this incredibly easy up-do

Meggy, congratulations on your bubbly little boy! Welcome to the mommy club. It has just gotten a little more fabulous. ;)

Thank you Terra for your amazing post on being a new mom.  I couldn't agree more about your stand point! xox, Meggy

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