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December 15, 2011

Pregnancy Style Must Haves!

If you've been following my blog the last 9 months or so, you'll have noticed my giant growing bump and maybe that I've worn very little maternity pieces.  There are a couple reasons for that.

1) They are expensive; 2) You don't wear them for long; 3) Didn't find much I really liked (besides that $100+ pieces).

But you might be wondering how I did get by, what maternity pieces are worth investing in (or borrowing if so lucky) and/or what "regular" clothes you can still buy when you get that urge (hello great sales) & wear with a bump!  Here are my pregnancy style must haves & recommendations!

Maternity Wear Worth Getting:

Leggings.  Obviously depending on the time of year you are 3-9 months pregnant, leggings are probably worth every penny anytime!  I started to notice my regular stretchy leggings started to get pushed down by my belly or be too tight around my mid-section around 25 weeks. 
- I caved and got the Old Navy Full Panel leggings and they are so comfortable.  At first I didn't need the full panel, but these last few weeks, I'm so glad I have it now. I wear these under long, butt covering tunics/tops & dresses. {Worn here}
- I got a "fancier" pair of Maternity Five Pocket Ponte leggings from Loft to wear more as pants (thicker, have back butt pockets, but still that comfy legging stretch) with shorter tops or cooler days.  They are great because you can unroll the top band for full panel (later weeks of pregnancy) or roll down if you want it to sit under the belly.

Tank Tops. Anytime of the year - for under regular shirts or to wear around the house, these are a MUST HAVE!
- I tried a few kinds, and ended up getting one in every color (white, black & nude) of the Support Cami from Gap.  By support, it means it has a shelf bra and a tighter, more "supportive" fit that stays down and doesn't roll up over my bump!  I wear this under regular shirts that might be a tad too short, under open tops (cardigans, vests, etc), or even under other things to feel more held in!

Be Maternity BeBand. A tight, stretchy band that fits around your waist to hold up your unbuttoned/zipped regular pants!  I was able to wear most of my pants until about 35 weeks and one pair further this way!  I was lucky to borrow a white one from a friend, and loved it so much I got a black one, too!  For extra support post 28 weeks or so, I'd layer my supportive tanks over the band, too!

Jeans.  If you are a big jeans wearer, then this would be a good investment.  I am not, but was lucky to borrow some Gap Always Skinnies Demi Panel from a friend.  This shorter, under the bump panel worked for me until about 32 weeks, then I needed the full panel (so just resorted to wearing regular jeans with the BeBand).  

With these maternity essentials, I was able to wear mostly normal clothes otherwise!  The "normal" clothes that worked best for me:

Cardigans Galore: From sweater to knit cardigans, I wore all my favorites and got lots of new ones to keep my closet refreshed.  Being able still buy some normal clothes, kept me from feeling in a rut!
{Like I wore here, here, and here}

Open Front Tops: Like Vests, Ponchos, etc - all can let the belly hang out! {Like I wore here & here}

Jackets & Blazers: Again, the belly can hang out.  Just layer a fitted top beneath! {Like I wore here, here and here}

Stretchy & Elastic Waist Skirts: You can wear stretchy skirts up over your bump or below!  I wore a few like this quite a bit {here and here}. Same goes for elastic waist skirts - just make sure all skirts are long enough, since the bump will eat up some of the length {like here and here}!

Loose Fitting AND Tight & Stretchy Dresses: Yes, both work!  The loose fitting kind go over the bump, and the tight dresses just stretch right on over. I wore both {like here and here} throughout my pregnancy.  If by stretching the dress over the growing bump (especially the last few weeks) makes it more a tunic, wear with those Maternity Leggings!

Drapey & Loose Tops:  I've been lucky, as this season is full of loose fitting tops that my bump can fit under {like pieces I got here and A-line sweater worn here}.  Then post preggo, pair with belts or skinny bottoms and these pieces are still 100% wearable!  I have been loving pullovers, poncho-like-sweater and boxy tees.

So see how far you can actually stretch your current closet with a few basic investments before you go out and spend tons of money on a temporary one!  Thought every bump is different and the way you carry will really depend on what you can and can't wear - but hopefully these basic types will give you somewhere to start trying.

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