Chasing Davies: New Mama Product Recommendations by Bridget

December 21, 2011

New Mama Product Recommendations by Bridget

Now that my sweet bundle of joy has arrived, I have some great guest bloggers in store for you while I get to know motherhood.  Blog posts will be about a variety of things throughout the next month or so, but I'll still be around, too!

I am so excited to have Bridget of tale of me and the husband here today guest posting for me while I take a little blog break to get to know my own little guy.  You probably already know Bridget and her adorable new little baby, Parker - but if not, make sure to head over to her space and say hi!

Without further ado, she has some great new mama and baby recommendations!  I know I can use all the recommendations from real life mamas I can get. Thank you Bridget for your time and wisdom! :)

1. aden + anais swaddles : these are amazing.  i was given some and then had to add some more to my repertoire because they are huge, soft (and get softer in the wash!), durable, and great for all of the following... burp cloth, swaddle, sun cover, nursing cover, etc. 2. old navy little bundles pants : while i got a lot of cute jeans / overalls handed down to parker, i really prefer to put him in soft fabrics like cotton.  he has these bundles pants and i love them and they're on the tighter side so they hug his squish just enough so i can sort of gnaw on his thigh without eating too much fabric. 3. gap men's pajama pant : i prefer men's pajama pants to women's.  they're looser, longer, and more comfortable overall.  thus, i end up wearing steve's pajamas all the time.  this pair from gap is awesome and would do a new mama proud (cause, it's altogether possible you'll live in your pjs for a few weeks).  4. leather bound journal : capturing the sweet moments, what else?!  i've been keeping a "dear parker" journal since i found out i was pregnant.  i try to write in it at least once a week and then i'll give it to him one day.  5. benetint by benefit : for a mama-on-the-go (read: having a swaddled babe attached to the boob for umpteen hours and umpteen weeks), it's really nice to feel a little sexy.  and since a shower might be out of the question, benetint is a nice replacement.  i have it and love it.  it gives a sort of i-just-ate-a-red-popsicle pucker to the lips and is a bit of a stain so it stays on for awhile.  6. minnetonka slippers to go with the men's pjs, of course! 7. white onesies : can't have enough of these.  parker wears them by themselves and under just about every outfit.  8. beco baby carrier : a lifesaver.  he lived in it for his first 4 weeks, for sure.  and still does quite a bit.  he loves it, i love it, it works for us.

finally, congrats meggy!  may you get lots of cuddles, baby kisses, and (some sleep) in the coming weeks.  and thanks for having me!

Visit Bridget at tales of me and the husband!

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