Chasing Davies: How Motherhood Effected Anna

December 30, 2011

How Motherhood Effected Anna

I'm so honored to have Anna from In Honor of Design here today to share her perspective on becoming a mama!  I can totally relate to her story...

Meggy, thank you so much for having me on Chasing Davies, and allowing me to share on motherhood. I am so happy to be a guest!

What I never could have prepared myself for when I actually became a mom?

I grew up the second oldest of eleven children, so I thought I had the baby thing down. Growing up, I loved playing mommy with my little brothers and sisters. I was pretty sure I knew everything I needed to know about how to make babies laugh, change a diaper quick, and rock them to sleep.

Well, of course when my first son was born, I found myself wondering why I had never been informed about things like how warm the water should be when giving him a bath, how to make sure they are breathing okay at night, or even how to plan your day around breastfeeding. I was calling my mother (a pro in my books) on a daily basis.
However, luckily being around babies growing up did give me a pretty calm and laid back approach when I became a parent. However, I was not prepared for how emotional of a person I would become! Suddenly I found myself becoming one of those parents...

You know, the kind that cry when their child grows into a new onesie size, or sees their baby crawl for the first time. I also became a commercial crier (aka someone who cries at random commercials), and a cronic movie crier. It seems as though when your heart grows, your sensitivity to life does also. I often joke about how annoying it is to be so emotional now, but the truth of the matter is, I am so thankful that I have been given the chance in this life to know love in the depths that you experience with motherhood, and if sensitivity is a side effect, so be it;)

Thank you so much, Anna!

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