Chasing Davies: My New Found Green Thumb

October 5, 2011

My New Found Green Thumb

Part of my "nesting" (which I define as getting shit done before the baby gets here) involved planting stuff for the first time this past weekend.  Since moving into our house 2 years ago, I haven't touched the outside of our home during remodels/redesigns/etc.  Wait - I take that back - I once was feeling nice and mowed the lawn for Husband!  

Anyways, I have been getting increasingly annoyed at our boring landscaping (a few boring bushes in rocks here and there).  After discovering how easy planting mums were during a volunteer day with my work, I was inspired to plant some at home.

Very small touches of color here and there but as my entrance into the landscaping world, I saw, not bad...

(Look in between those boring bushes for the mums!  The Yellow ones are still blooming.) 

(Even got myself to Home Depot for some planters.)

So maybe not the most impressive landscaping ever... but it's a start.  Tulips in the backyard are next. Watch out.

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