Chasing Davies: A First for Everything

August 25, 2011

A First for Everything

- Real Maternity Pants! My first maternity wear. Baby boy is growing....!
- Thank goodness for friends who've been pregnant before - I'm borrowing these Gap Always Skinny Maternity Jeans from a friend who already popped out her own baby boy.  You probably couldn't even tell they were maternity until that last pic, huh?
- Getting back into yoga after a break while I figured out this new body of mine.  Man I missed it and it isn't as awkward as I thought it was going to be with this belly.
- Almost done with my first DIY project for baby boy - CURTAINS (you can see them here)!  They are up and look great, but I'll need to go back and re-hem.  I guess my measurements were off and they're a bit long... bummer!  So they are almost done.

- Standing, talking to my co-worker when she informs me my baby belly skin is sticking out between my skirt and top.  Thus, today wearing maternity pants.
- Shopping at Old Navy, the baby is moving around and then all the sudden the baby kicks me right in the bladder, causing me to not only run to the bathroom, but pee a little in my pants!  Yes, it's true.  My name is Meggy and I peed my pants (a little).  But it wasn't really my fault...just really good aim from the baby.
- Registering for this baby.  Hubs and I just stare at all the things, options and brands so confused.
- Trying to find a dress to wear to a wedding that is this weekend.  Regular clothes don't fit, maternity clothes don't fit well yet.  This is going to be a stressful last 2 days to find one.
- Making the 25 minute trek out to a local baby store to look at cribs and rockers, only to find them closed (I thought they closed at 8, turns out they closed at 6).  Ok, that's not awkward, that was just frustrating!
- Having a craving (it happens, it really does) for chocolate cake - trying to be better about said craving, I pick up some Organic Cake Mix.  Making it at home, gloating to hubs about my organic purchase, and that it doesn't even need eggs!  It's magic.  Well... he thought that was weird, then I couldn't find baking direction (what to set the oven to), and realize I was making Organic Cake Icing. Ufta.   So back to the store for the real deal - Organic Cake Mix, for real this time.  Ended up not being so bad since then I had icing for my cake...all Organic!

{Gingham button down - Gap, Polka dot tunic - Forever 21, Maternity jeans - Gap, Green wedges - Franco Sarto via Marshalls, Alligator cuff - gift}

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