Chasing Davies: Making Jewelry w/ Hardware

July 3, 2011

Making Jewelry w/ Hardware

Before my trip to Minnesota, I made a trip to Hobby Lobby for Friendship bracelet materials...I also hit up Lowe's.  Yes, a hardware store.  I bought a few packages of 20 pieces of hex nuts to make Hex Bracelet DIY bracelets.  The lady working at Lowe's seemed confused when I said I'd just eye ball the size of hex nut I needed...

I originally found this idea through Honestly WTF and pinned it to Pinterest.  I took a few spins of my own to it:  used colored rope, put a clasp on it and kept on braiding to make the bracelet a wrap around.

Here's what you need:

- Rope or twine of some sort... I found these in the crafting store near the jewelry making section
- 18 hex nuts per bracelet...the smaller ones, because they get heavy fast if their too big.  You can eye ball the size you want.
- Clasp of your choice.  I choose the Lobster Claw Clasp since it's bigger and sturdy to support this slightly heavier bracelet.
- Then follow the directions here to create (just braiding in the nuts).

Maybe something fun to do on your day off tomorrow?  A little downtime to recover from all the fireworks going down tonight!  I'm off to a fun filled day of BBQing and fun in the sun.  Enjoy your 4th weekend!