Chasing Davies: Friendship in Bracelet Form

June 29, 2011

Friendship in Bracelet Form

{2 of the 3 made, the 3rd one wasn't yet complete}

On vacation, two of my friends and I did some DIY bracelet making while relaxing.  It took me back to middle school when I use to spend hours playing with embroidery thread.  Now if only I could get that thread box back for organizing my newly bought threads.

I refreshed my memory on the how-tos of Friendship Bracelet making by reading this  (directions and step by steps) and decided to start with full Chevron pattern.  This pattern is made up of forward knots on one side (making a "4" with your string) and then backward knots of the other side (a backwards "4").  I suggest starting with less colors/strings at first if it's been awhile.

Then with a simple braid at the beginning and the end to complete the bracelet - we decided to upgrade our string bracelets with a clasp.  This way, we can wear it when we want and can avoid frayed string ends from untying and retying, etc.

It's especially fabulous layered with other DIY bracelets... like this hex nut bracelet we made, too.  That post coming soon...

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