Chasing Davies: Candy Stripes

June 10, 2011

Candy Stripes

...and some major brights, because... it's FRIDAY!  Hope you all have amazing weekend plans ahead.

Thank you to Lulu for letting me barrow her red lips (the lip stick, that is) and featuring these lips over at her little space of the world.  Check it out here.

This is my Carrie Bradshaw knock off belt.  It's not nearly as amazing as the one she wore throughout the first SATC movie, but it was way cheaper and gives me the same feeling.

This is a very bright, candy colored outfit.  Color is my thing.  I love it.  But I did manage to anchor it a bit with some black.  Hey, I try.

P.S. This is not my new hair that I alluded to yesterday.  You will seem that in the next outfit post. :)

{Stripe top - H&M, Purple skirt - Old Navy, Black flats - Nine West and Black studded belt - Chicago boutique off Bellview}