Chasing Davies: Springizing Maritime Dress

May 17, 2011

Springizing Maritime Dress

Last time I wore the J.Crew Maritime dress, I was winterizing it.  I should be summerizing it or putting it away for summer, but temps dropped into the 50s that last few, the sleeves are coming in hand.

I got these pics in right before my workout, thus the gym in the background.  Hey, at least I was at the gym.  Between all my travels and ridiculously busy schedule lately, I've been lacking in my workouts.  Time to amp that back up.  I really hate when I get off track, I can feel it and see it.  What do you do to get back on track?

And the Orient Watch Winner is...

Lucky LuLu
She is my friend, as you all know, and was actually standing over my shoulder as I counted down 49.  She screamed and jumped when it landed on her.  I had a few other people watching too - so let me assure you it was legit.

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