Chasing Davies: Living Room Flor

May 30, 2011

Living Room Flor

No, that's not a misspelling of Floor.  I'm talking about FLOR.  The modular carpet tile company that has tons of styles, colors and patterns to pick from.  Best thing, spill some red wine on part of your area rug and can't get it out - the whole carpet is not a waste, just replace the affected tile!  Brilliant! 

So I finally decided (from the many of choices) on a new arrival for my Living Room, though this would also look awesome in the Green Room should I decide it's just too busy for the Living Room.  The awesome people at FLOR sent me tiles to create a 5'x7' area rug of Lasting Greatness in white.  And I love it.

It was sort of like putting a puzzle together - you can arrange many different patterns with this design!

And it's easy to assemble.  Really easy.  Set the tiles down in the pattern you want, and then use the FLOR dots to keep the tiles together (though you may not even need these since the back of the tiles are a rubber materiel to keep from sliding).

Here's the Living Room look with it's new FLOR.  What do YOU think?  Vote - Keep where it is or Move to the Green Room!  Either way, I love my new FLOR!

P.S. Favorite Blogger Outfit feature will be back next week (and hopefully with an interview if I can get my act together).  Hope you all are having a wonderful and safe long weekend!

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