Chasing Davies: Practice Until I Can Buy It!

April 1, 2011

Practice Until I Can Buy It!

 So if you follow my sweet friend, Lulu's blog - you'll have learned more about our photography journeys.  We love taking pictures, and just recently have gotten greater passions to take GOOD pictures, got fancy cameras and are taking a class at KC Art Institute.  Along with that, we work at a place with an abundance of creative people.  We got a quick lesson from amazing photography, Drew on blurring the backgrounds.

So I practiced a bit last night keeping my sweet little turquoise rose earrings (from China Town, San Fran) in focus with the background blurry.

I just have the lens my camera came with - so nothing fancy.  Because of that, I used no zoom and had to get pretty close.  I had to back up a bit until my camera would take the photo in auto focus and then used Photoshop to crop a bit.  Unfortunately, because I'm so close, you can see all the dust on my dresser.  Eeeks!

This is as much blur I can get.  My lens doesn't allow full boy pics with blurry backgrounds like I am really wanting!  So my next photography hobby purchase will be a fixed focal 50mm 1.8 lens.  This is what Drew told us we should get to produce this type of photo on a larger scale. The lens I plan to get: Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Camera Lens

And here is what I wore with these little $5 China Town finds... (notice the lighting and photos are not nearly as pretty as the earrings)

 {Stripe blazer - Loft; Belt - Target; Navy dress - H&M; Pink Tights - Target; Boots -}

And on another note - I have the winner of the $100 GNC gift certificate/credit!!  Are you ready to see who won?  Without further ado... 

Congrats Cheryl!  Will be getting an email soon...

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