Chasing Davies: Lacking Lighting

March 15, 2011

Lacking Lighting

Maybe like most homes build pre-1960s, my house is lacking overhead/ceiling lighting in ALL our bedrooms and in the Living Room.  I love how lamps can add style to your house, but we are in need of some major lighting help, and lamps are just not cutting it.

Have any of you dealt with installing ceiling lighting, fans, etc - anything involving electricity?  My husband wants to do this himself... Which scares me, a little.

But more fun...  Picking out the source of lighting... Hubs wants ceiling fans all around (I draw the line at in the Living room).  I think they are useful, but just hate the way they look.  I am thinking a form of Recessed Lighting for the Living Room and would love a pretty pendant or chandelier light for the bedroom...

What do you guys have in your homes? Ceiling fans or Pendant/Chandelier/Recessed Lighting?