Chasing Davies: Remix Challenge {Round 2}: Week 3 Recap

February 12, 2011

Remix Challenge {Round 2}: Week 3 Recap

3 full weeks down. 21 days don-zo. And just a wee, harder the heck, 9 days left.  And if you just did the math, that means my counting skillz are not so good on the whole Recap front.  So I will just do a 9-day recap for week 4, in case you are wondering. :)  So what is your favorite outfit of this past week?

 I wasn't too thrilled with the last outfit (#21) the day of, but actually really liking all the bright colors, so I think that might be my fav.  Oh I'm really sick of all these clothes...

 You other remixers out there - how you doin'??