Chasing Davies: Day 30 {Whooo-Hoo!}

February 22, 2011

Day 30 {Whooo-Hoo!}

Day 30!  See that.  30 days of wearing the same 6 pairs of shoes, 3 skirts, 3 dresses, 2 pairs of pants, 11 tops, and 5 sweaters.  And seen.

Ending with my brights out in the melting snow.

I started this Remix Challenge out at the beginning of my home remodeling projects.  I had to pack up my entire closet (clean out the whole upstairs - every little thing), so a perfect time to pick out what I needed for the next few weeks, while the rest of my closet got stuffed in various parts of my house.

But 30 days later, and the house is still under hostage by our painter. We're close, I think, to being done... but not close enough.  The wood work in all 3 bedrooms takes awhile.  And that is done.

Next, it is down with the wallpaper (this crazy gross wallpaper) and fresh painted walls!  One room will be navy and the other green.  Our room is already blue, but will be touched up.  So lets hope this will not go on for another 30 days... Now I have to go dig out some more clothes to wear while I burn all these (I mean, wash).

Good Luck to everyone else still remixing!!