Chasing Davies: Day 23 {nothing special}

February 15, 2011

Day 23 {nothing special}

Nothing special today... feeling lazy, tired of these old rags that I've just about worn out and can't find any of my cool accessories to make these clothes better in this house of mine that is STILL under remodeling craziness (aka, an absolute mess).  I'll have some home progress pics soon...

 {Gap houndstooth button down shirt + Urban Outfitters bow-tie hoodie + Gap skinny jeans + lace up heels}

I'm wearing a couple pieces of jewelry I did manage to find... My bird earrings are some of my favorites from one of my favorite Etsy shops, and gold bracelet from Loft.  Hope tomorrow I feel a little better about my outfit!

No that is not our new floor I'm standing on... paper is down to protect the new floor as painting is still in progress...