Chasing Davies: Awkwardly in the Garage with my Awesome Closet Doors

February 24, 2011

Awkwardly in the Garage with my Awesome Closet Doors

Participating again in Awkward & Awesome Thursday!!  1 day until FRIDAY! :)

- My limp hair & puffy face...all signs of a late night of a) blogging, b) packing for Washington D.C., c) working, d) All of the Above.  If you guessed D, you are right!
- The length of my sweater vest with this higher-waisted skirt = poochy mid-section.
- My garage being covered in plastic & paper (have I mentioned I'm ready to have my house back? I'm not sure I have yet.)

- Today's outfit was inspired by Virginie's awesome outfit
- It still feels so good to wear some different clothes than the 30
- Especially wear these brown boots I've missed!
- This plaid shirt... Thrifted,  Men's and by DIOR!  Love it.
- Bright YELLOW tights
- Those are all our pretty closet doors drying.  The white enamel was sprayed on on them, so now they are ready to be soon as all the rooms are ready to have them.
- Said trip to Washington D.C. this weekend to see Lady Gaga (again) & visit one of my best friends!
- Recent J.Crew purchases!!!  Stripe Painter's Tee worn yesterday & Maritime Dress you will see TOMORROW! :)
- Having more Awesomes that Awkwards - yes!

{Plaid Button Down - Dior, Thrifted; Sweater Vest - J.Crew; Plum Skirt - Gap; Yellow Tights - Target; Boots - Nordstrom Rack; Purse - The Limited}

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