Chasing Davies: Fitness Challenge Progress: Days 24-30

January 30, 2011

Fitness Challenge Progress: Days 24-30

I can't believe we're here at the end - only one more day to go in this challenge! At times, I definitely wanted to quit and I was for sure challenged. Then there were times it was no big deal.  Overall, for me this challenge has kept me working out more than I would have without it!  Oh, but it's not over yet.  Tomorrow is the last day.

Here is my recap from the last 7 days - Days 24 through 30:

Monday, Day 24:  Ran 4.7 miles on the treadmill in my work gym over lunch, then after work I hit up yoga to stretch out these tired muscles!

Some good moves to try out!

Tuesday, Day 25:  Again with the work gym - back to the treadmill (and getting super sick of indoor treadmill running).  When will this icky snow melt?

Wednesday, Day 26: Today was one of my co-workers big 30th birthday!! So we had lots of celebrating with a fun lunch and happy hour after work.  So I only had about 20 minutes to try to get in anything that would help my mileage.  I just walked 1.5 miles.

Thursday, Day 27:  Definitely had to get in at least 4 miles to make up for yesterday's skip.  Hit the work gym at the end of the day - before seeing No Strings Attached and dinner with my good friend.  I think the movie was cute & entertaining, but Natalie might not have been the perfect part for this role - she seemed to be trying too hard.

Friday, Day 28:  The sun was out and temps up in the high 40s - time to take these legs to the great outdoors. FINALLY.  Of course, running outside feels totally different then on my own now.  I've gotten way too use the treadmill.  So walked a bit, but still managed to run most of the 4 mile loop around my work, keeping to the street where there was less snow.

Saturday, Day 29:  Took forever and a day to get my butt out of bed after a late night Friday.  Then with stuff going on Saturday evening, I had to squeeze in my (back to the treadmill) jog.

Sunday, Day 30: I participated in the Groundhog Day Run in Kansas City caves to benefit Children's Therapeutic Learning Center.  It was a 5K (3.1 miles) and the caves are tempered at 65-70 degrees year around.  I was super tired getting up at 7am, but once got there, was a fun run!

The Stats:
This week's total mileage: 24.45
Days 1-30 mileage: 96.75
Left to go: 3.25 tomorrow (last day of Jan)