Chasing Davies: The Bachelor: Shopping Episode 5

January 31, 2011

The Bachelor: Shopping Episode 5

Below you will find - Michelle's zebra print cardigan & Green plaid scarf, Shawntel's Orange off-should sweater - similar options, Ashley H. White/Black bandage dress, Lisa's pink tank top & Rose Ceremony multi-color racer back dress, Emily's white/black sequin bandage dress (avail via Ebay) & polka dot black bikini...

Already done with episode 5 of the Bachelor - and it was filled with Nascar, circus and shopping (not fair!) all in Vegas, this episode filled with more catty comments, tears and Brad's therapist.

Michelle wore a great boyfriend-style zebra print cardigan. I mostly love her style, and definitely love this cardi with her green plaid scarf!

Similar zebra cardi's:
 Moa Moa Zebra Open Front Cardi & Green plaid scarf

Later, on the Nascar group date, Michelle wore a simple black tank and one great necklace.  Her metal bib necklace - most similar option by  Juicy Counture:

Shawntel is the lucky one chosen for the dream date (um, shopping spree?? Count me in!).  She is running around all these great stores in a cute, casual off the shoulder top.  This looks so uber comfy, and I want it for myself to hang around in on the weekends!  Most similar I found (not sure if it's it or not) is from Ami Clubwear in black.

A lot of similars & alternatives:

With no sleeves, but equally as comfy looking - by Fashion Junkie
More of a tunic or dress, but similar in color - this off shoulder sweater is only $10; 
With more texture, this cable sweater is pretty close and very cute; 
A knit off the shoulder slouchy top again by Fashion Junkie.

Ashley vs. Ashley.  I liked the Ashley that went home best.  But hey, better for her to go off and meet someone better!  I've heard that sweet Ashley S. now has a boyfriend! yay!

Ashley H. had a great white and black bandage v-neck dress that I instantly took note of.  The dress she  wore is from BEBE, you can get it on Ebay in purple & black:

Similar to Ami Clubwear, which is no longer avail.  Other available and similar options are: Body Central.; Alice Palmer Monochrome Bandage Knit Dress or go for the real deal, oh Herve...

Lisa is pretty in pink this episode (when she's not speeding around the race track in a jump suite that kind of swallows her up).  Here cute pink tank is from Forever 21 and is similar to the yellow tank she is wearing in her ABC Profile pic. You can get a similar top from Express.

Lisa's episode 5, rose ceremony dress is an adorable multi-colored stripe dress from Urban Outfitters a few years ago.  It has an exposed zipper down the back.  Here is Lisa wearing it for New Years 2009.  You can get a similar dress from Urban, perfect for V-day coming up and a tie closed back, instead of zipper is sweet.

Sorry Brad, we're having a weather advisory...just a major blizzard - no big deal.

Emily wore a similar dress to Ashley H.'s but with a bit o' sparkle to it.  She looked so pretty, as usual and was a classy lady, as usual, again.  Once again wearing a great Forever 21 dress (that sadly isn't avail), which again, does not look like Forever 21.  Possessionista confirmed this, too! Oh, just found it on EBAY.

Similar options in grown and black by Guess also on Ebay:

On the Group Nascar date, after the race car drive, the girls hung at the pool and Emily's polka dot bikini peeked through:

What was your favorite dress/outfit??