Chasing Davies: Bachelor Recap

January 3, 2011

Bachelor Recap

Did you watch the first episode of The Bachelor season 15 with Brad Womack tonight?  As I mentioned in today's sneak peak post of Lisa's 1st episode dress, I was watching with Lisa & friends.  Here are a few snapshots (horrible phone pics - sorry) of our watch party:

 These were taken during the loooong Brad ramblings before we got to meet all the girls in the limos.  We were getting a little restless! Lisa is in the black scarf with her phone in her hand. :)

If you watched or follow me on twitter (where I will be providing live commentary and tidbits during the shows) you know that Lisa was picked to continue on!

Her one-on-one time was cut from tonight's episode (probably b/c she doesn't have fangs, didn't slap him, dance or sing), but it did happen (and the Washington Post used a photo from that scene here).   I managed to snap a pic of the TV when her name got called during the rose ceremony:

So cute!

Stay tuned for more fashion finds and recaps.  And make sure to follow me at Twitter for other fun commentary live during each episode.  Lulu is another friend also providing colorful entertainment - so follow her too! :)