Chasing Davies: Anthro Fitting Room: Some New Arrivals

January 6, 2011

Anthro Fitting Room: Some New Arrivals

After seeing the adorable floral dress in my email box last week (and posted immediately about here), I hurried myself to Anthro to try it on and a couple of other things.

The first thing I tried on was that dress, the Soft Structured Dress:

And oh so sadly, it just didn't work for me - especially for $148.  The sleeves were too tight (thus why the arm fabric looks lighter - it's too stretched) and if you have any kind of hips at all - it fit a little weird around them:

 So now my goal will be to find a similar dress to mimic this look!  I already have some similar looking boots on the way...

The next new arrival I tried on was a skirt from another Anthro look I love:

Just adore the stripe top mixed with this patterned skirt, as well as a little casual meets dressy pieces. However, sadly again - this Recurring Theme skirt didn't work for me and the whole outfit here is over $340!  So another recreate goal here.

I didn't like how this skirt puffed out after the waist band - made my love handles look even lovier!
But I love the print of this skirt!

A new (at least to me) item that I loved on and off of me was the Float Above Blouse.  Such a soft teal/tourquoisey color. and the details was subtle, yet fun and unique.

 However, I did not get this - as it is $148... I'll keep my eyes on it if it goes on sale!

So my goal now is to recreate those first two looks for less - I'll keep you posted! :)