Chasing Davies: Save the Date: The 1 Month Challenge Starting Jan. 1st

December 15, 2010

Save the Date: The 1 Month Challenge Starting Jan. 1st

100 Miles in 1 Month

Hey all! I’m doing something a little different on this mainly fashion/home design focused-blog, but hoping you will all join me…a little blogger support for us all as we start out 2011!

With a new year also comes that dreaded thought of making goals and setting resolutions…blah blah BLAH.  Most the time I don’t even get as far to set any, and definitely don’t keep them when I do.  It’s an overwhelming thought to set a goal for a whole year!  

So this year, I want to do something DIFFERENT for the New Year.   No daunting full year resolutions, but a small ONE MONTH challenge to kick start 2011 and make up for all the Holiday indulgences. And I want you all to join me!

Chasing Davies

The New Year's 100 Miles in 1 Month: Let's encourage and support one another as we challenge ourselves to run or walk 100 miles in 31 Days (from January 1st through January 31st). 

The Details:
The Mileage: That may sound like a lot…100 miles in 31 days.  But that is an average of 3.22 miles a day, and can be done 3.22 miles a day, or in 4 marathons - however you want to reach 100 miles.

Why Do It? It’s supposed to be a challenge and it’s only for ONE month.  This will kick start your 2011 and help work off 2010 holidays. Come February, working out will be a habit and you can establish a more reasonable regimen.

Are you interested?  Come on!  JOIN ME – I need the support.  If you have questions are are in, here’s what you need to do:
- Email me at ChasingDavies (at) gmail (dot) com with the subject line New Year’s Mileage Challenge 
- Let me know you are participating (and ready to start Jan. 1)
- Please include your name (whatever you want to be listed as) and a blog link if you have one

I will be adding the Challenge details to it's own page (found in the bar under my blog header) AND will be adding a list of the participants with your blog link (if they have one) to the official Challenge Tab.

Once the Challenge Starts (on Jan. 1st to end Jan. 31st)…
By participating, you'll also check in every Sunday.  We’ll check in with each other by posting on our own blogs (if you have one) or to my comment section of my Sunday post (if you don't have a blog) about your weekly mileage, progress, and how it’s all going.  Then those participating (or cheering us on) can check all the blog posts and my comment section to see how everyone else is doing!

At the end of the challenge (on Feb 1st)...
I’ll have a giveaway for one randomly selected Challenge participant that hits their 100 miles. The prize is TBD.

But right now... I need your help!
This is your 16 day warning.  Dust your athletic shoes off, start stretching and get ready!  But to make this fun, we need people to participate!  Please join up and help me spread the word!  The more people we have, the more motivation and support we'll have.  Together we can start off 2011 by getting into better shape!  

Help me by...
- Blog about this challenge
- Tweet it 
- Share on Facebook
- Place the Challenge button on your blog (pick it up in this post or on the side bar of my blog)
- Email all your friends, family, co-workers 

New to running?  You can also incorporate a beginner program into this challenge that involves walking and running – like The Couch-to-5K ® Running Plan

Want to train for a race (for even more motivation)? Check out Hal Higdon’s training programs for all race lengths.

Running outside and need to track your mileage? I always use Gmaps Pedometer to see how far a route I run is.

Disclaimer: Remember, this is a walking and/or running challenge – so you don’t have to be a runner to participate. Do what is right for you.  As always with any new workout regimen or increase of exercise – check with your doctor first! And ultimately, if 100 miles is just out of the question – set a smaller goal and feel free to follow along and stay in on the fun!