Chasing Davies: Favorite Tree Decorations!

December 8, 2010

Favorite Tree Decorations!

My tree may or may not be up...yet.  So if you're still looking for some tree decoration inspirations - check out these amazing and unique ones!  I took a tour of some historic homes in a near by town.  The houses were all decked for the holidays and found my self loving the way the trees were decorated more than anything!  Which one is your favorite?

Flowers, Bird's Nests and Twigs mixed with lights:

 {Left: dried hydrangeas and fresh white roses tucked into this tree - probably my very favorite of all;
Right: Nests with robin eggs make this tree pretty outdoorsy and unique}
{Right: Berry Twigs mixed with traditional lights and ornaments; 
Left: A tree with only berry twigs and lights replace ornaments}

Minimalistic Trees:

 {Right: A metal tree with hanging glass ornaments for a modern look;
Left: A big traditional tree with all red bulb ornaments for a very simple look}

Glizy and Gold:

{Adorn with gold stars and reindeer, for lots of sparkle!}

My personal fav: the flowers on the tree! These were real flowers, a mix of dried and fresh - but you could easily purchase fake and be able to use year to year.  Do you have a uniquely decorated tree?