Chasing Davies: Victoria Secret's Wrap Sweater Review

November 2, 2010

Victoria Secret's Wrap Sweater Review

Update: Look for the Victoria's Secret How-To Wear guide at the bottom of this post!

I've been eying Victoria's Secret's cotton-cashmere wrap sweater for the past year - thinking how comfy and fun all the variety of ways you could wear it looked.  So, as a small birthday gift to myself, I bit the bullet (thanks to VS $10 bday discount as a helpful nudge) a couple of weeks ago and got it.

I got the Lingdonberry Heather color, that looks a little more pink than purple-pink in real life (but still cute):

The sweater comes with a helpful little sheet on all the ways you can wear this thing, and diagrams.  I wore mine the simple way - hanging down with a belt:

 Pinkish - purple sweater, orange/coral belt and Urban Outfitter heels with Gap Skinny Jeans.

I like this way, too:

For the sale price of $39 (as of right now), and the variety of colors you can get, this soft sweat wrap is definitely worth it for the cooler months ahead!  The cotton-cashmere blend is soft and cozy.

Here is the how-to guide that Victoria's Secret sent me for styling the Wrap Sweater: