Chasing Davies: Quick Home Accessory DIY Revamp

November 12, 2010

Quick Home Accessory DIY Revamp

Do you have an old home accessory that needs a face lift? Or perhaps you found something on super sale, but it just wasn't quite right...?  I know this happens to us all, and I know most of you have already experienced the magic that is spray paint!   But I just had my first time, folks.

With our new leather ottoman...the tray we already had (that I had gotten for $6 on clearance at Target last year) was just to blaaa and blending right in...

 So I headed to Walmart and picked up 2 cheapie cans of spray paint ($2.60ish per can) - One in the color of my choice and a clear coat.

 Here's my one hour home accessory makeover on the cheap DIY:

Before tray & spray paint products:
 Spray Paint: Krylon from Walmart in Leaf green and Clear.

1. I first lightly sanded the tray down and wiped off the sandy particles.
2. I laid out some plastic outside, set the tray on a brick (so paint didn't clump around the bottom edges) on top of the plastic and sprayed on the 1st coat.  Dries in 10 minutes.
3. After about 12 minutes (to be sure) I lightly sanded again, wiped off particles and sprayed 2nd coat on.
4. Repeat for coat 3 - making sure to get those corners and nooks.
5. Light spray of clear coat, final dry.

The final product:

A little more eye catching of a piece.  Now off to find something else to spray paint....