Chasing Davies: Pumpkin Spice Bunt Cake with Cream Cheese Filling

November 3, 2010

Pumpkin Spice Bunt Cake with Cream Cheese Filling

Thanks to a co-worker and her amazing baking skills, I have found this amazing little pumpkin treat that is light on calories.  This is my new go-to dessert to bring to any party or cookout.  It's so yummy.  Anything pumpkin this time of year must be tried.

Pumpkin Spice Bunt Cake with Cream Cheese Filling...

For the cake batter: Buy any box spice cake mix, 1 can of pumpkin and pumpkin spice:

Mix it all together, including what the box cake directions call for.

In another bowl, mix (preferably with an electric mixer or something more powerful than your arm) Cream Cheese (of any levels of light or low fat) and your choice of sweetener:

I used 1 tablespoon of Blue Agave sweetener.  My co-worker used powdered sugar, you can use raw, or Splenda, etc.  Mix it together with the cream cheese (I used 1/3 low fat kind).

In a bunt pan, pour in half the cake batter mix. Then plop the cream cheese/sugar mix all around on top...

Then pour the rest of the cake batter on top and bake (as box directs, but might need to put it back in a few more minutes - I ended up baking it for around 45 minutes).
Once done, let cool and sprinkle with a little powder sugar:

Mmmm-mmmm Good!
Thank goodness for co-worker who know how to bake! :)