Chasing Davies: Say Hello to My (new) Little Friend

October 28, 2010

Say Hello to My (new) Little Friend

I'm entering the world of professional photography, readers!!  What do you need to do that?  A dSLR of course!  A new camera for me to play with!  Well, not new - actually 2nd hand.  But new to me!

I have a lot to learn - want to take some classes, play around with this baby, learn about photography, etc etc and then a co-worker (with actual real life photog skills) was selling my new little friend, and it all worked out.

For a good deal, I got a Canon EOS Digital Rebel Camera and Kit, external flash and extra battery.  Want to meet it?

Please disregard the outfit...this is me in my pj's, up way past my bedtime clicking away around the house.

Getting a used dSLR camera, in good shape, not over used, and even better - from someone who knows what they are doing with one, is a great way to start out without spending $1000+ and not even truly knowing how to use it.  I plan to take some classes and practice practice practice - maybe get a new lens in a a few months, and maybe get a new camera in 5 or so years.

You can follow my progress under the Photography tab of this blog!

Interested in your own dSLR? I highly recommend this one!  Amazon users gives it great reviews:

Happy Picture Taking!