Chasing Davies: Always & Forever Skinny (the Jeans, Not me)

October 18, 2010

Always & Forever Skinny (the Jeans, Not me)

Have you all checked out Gap lately?  I fell for some of their 1969 jeans that come in many different cuts and styles.  After trying on about 9 different kinds, I ended up with walking away with two pairs: Skinny and Curvy - hah!!  Talk about an oximoron... 

Anyways, for all you curvy and non-curvy girls alike, check out Gap's Always & Forever Skinny Jeans.  I ended up with the Forever Skinny jeans - as that rise is a bit higher than the Always Skinnies and worked better for my bum. They are now my favorite skinny jeans I've tried on to-date! They conform to your body to fit you.  Definitely worth a try on.

Here the Forever Skinny Jeans are on me (in saturated dark wash):

Then I layered on my boots and a cardi to complete the outfit:

With my new Gap Skinny Jeans, J.Crew Yellow Cardi, Forever 21 lace tank and J.Crew (via Ebay) bubble necklace.

Have been addicted to these jeans since I got them, so will be showing how I am wearing them with different footwear and such over the next week.