Chasing Davies: Surfer Casual & Blue Sandal Review

September 28, 2010

Surfer Casual & Blue Sandal Review

Feeling low key and relaxed, all I really wanted to wear were my new blue sandals.

I got these sandals last week after finding them in my size on Amazon.  They were only $18 and I love them...but they hurt my feet. :(

The back rubbed the my heal and thankfully my work keeps stock of band aids.  That helped that.  To put the shoe on, you pull apart the slightly stretchy fabric (no zipper or buckles).  Looks cool, but dug into my ankles a bit.  You can kind of see evidence of this in the above pic.  I will give the shoes another try, because sometimes it takes a bit to get your feet use to something...but these will not be any new go-to sandals and more on certain occasions (when I need blue shoes).

My outfit deets:
Dress - Target
Cardi - J.Crew