Chasing Davies: Recreation of my favorite dinner!

September 15, 2010

Recreation of my favorite dinner!

I went to college in Lawrence, KS.  For four glorious years I lived there with some of the best foods walking distance away.  My absolute favorite Lawrence Local Gem is LaParrilla.  This restaurant is filled with Latin American Cuisine, and my go-to dish - Veggie Rice Bowl. 

After eating there a few weeks ago, I decided to recreate this dish at home (or at least try).  I liked it.  It was quick, easy and good.  No perfect LaParrilla bowl, but it'll do for a good at home weekday meal.

Make it Vegetarian or add Meat:

Secret Tactic - cook the rice in broth (veggie broth for vegetarian, chicken broth for not):

I used Minute Brown Rice with Organic Veggie Broth and followed the directions on the rice box!

Get all the veggies roasting.  Chopping is what takes the longest, and use whatever veggies you have or want!  

I used zucchini (pan on the left) and carrots, onions and a bit of squash (pan to the right).
Roasted with some spray butter (classy), Oregano and Basil Leaves.
Peppers would be good, though I didn't have any on hand.  And if you want meat, get that cooking.

Warmed up a full can of black beans:

Mix it all together and add some salsa on top:

Pretty good home-LaParrilla!