Chasing Davies: Live By the Words of Gaga.

August 4, 2010

Live By the Words of Gaga.

Easily one of the best concerts ever.  I saw Lady Gaga at the Sprint Center in Kansas City, MO and had one hell of a night.  Sang and danced all night long.  Some highlights:

Fans dressed up (or down, depending how you look at it) - I wish I had worn something a bit more fun:

She played "Just Dance" within the first few songs!  Little clip for you....

If the video above doesn't show up for you, click here to view (that is not me screaming, I don't think...).

I was oh, so close to Miss Gaga:

"I love you and you love me, we love each other.
I want you to leave here tonight, loving yourself more."

Not short of bloody drama:

She has a new song, not one of the 100 songs on "The Fame".  It's about a boy from Nebraska and it's so very pretty:

Again, if the above video doesn't show up, click here to watch it.  Update: if you want to see and hear the full song of You and I - She was on the Today Show - see it here!

If you can get yourself to a Gaga concert, do it.  So much fun!  At least this little monster and the other thousands of fans did!