Chasing Davies: Outfit Inspiration: Bethenny Frankel

July 31, 2010

Outfit Inspiration: Bethenny Frankel

Have you been watching Bethenny Getting Married?  Obviously by now we know that she did indeed get pregnant, had a baby girl and is far more busy than previously shown on Real Housewives of NYC.

I have to say I like her way more (neurotic, hyper, stressing and all) on her own show than the Real Housewives.  I all the drama between her and whatever woman of the week, having to watch Alex (gross) and see more of the drama than the everyday life really weights her down.  I like Bethenny in her own environment.

Anyways, I also like her clothes!  During this season, I've been loving the small amount of this dress (at least I think it's a dress) that I can see as she narrates her way through the season:

Then I spotted this cute dress and the cut of the top really reminded me of Bethenny's!

The best part - this sweet dress is only $40 via Kohl's by Elle Contemporary Collection.  Uhhh...cute.

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