Chasing Davies: New House: Master Bedroom Furniture Painting

July 21, 2010

New House: Master Bedroom Furniture Painting

So, awhile ago I posted the mid-stage of where our bedroom was at.  You can remind yourself here. :), it's still the same.  But I'm getting back to it now.

I had a slight detour with staining the first piece of furniture. It just came out with way too much red in the brown.  So I had to re-sand it down and now I'm just thinking about paining it (vs. staining).  My current plan is to get it a really dark brown - almost black paint to go over the 1970s reddish brown with a pattern to it.  But now I'm starting to second guess myself and thinking maybe white is the way to go?

This is where you all come in!  I need your help, once again...

Keep in mind:

1. There are 4 pieces: 2 night stands, 1 long dresser and a tall armoire. Which is all probably too big or too much for the space, but oh well.  We have a lot of clothes.

2. Sometime soon, we'll be painting all the current sandy 1950s wood trim and doors white, so that will help open up the space more.

3. I'm STILL planning to make a headboard with a fun lime green pattern to add a splash of color and interesting visual.

4. I got this HUGE (estimated 4'10' long x 2'6' wide) mirror from HomeGoods (only $100!) for above the dresser (yet to be hung) that will also really open up the room.

Now, the bedroom with the furniture as it is now:


The options:

1. Paint the furniture Dark Almost Black-Brown, a la...

 The cabinets in this kitchen:
Benjamin Moore Bittersweet Paint Sample
Too chocolaty?

The vanity of this bathroom:

Behr Espresso Bean

Any other good dark brown, almost black, paint recommendations?

2. Or do I lighten way up and go with white paint for all this furniture??
I think then, I'd need to change the curtains (maybe to match the color of the headboard I make?),
as that would be too much white...

So what do you all think?  Brownish-Black or White paint for the furniture?  
Your help is appreciated!