Chasing Davies: Carrie Bradshaw's J'Adore Dior 8 T-Shirt

June 1, 2010

Carrie Bradshaw's J'Adore Dior 8 T-Shirt

Loving the way Carrie's ballgown-like skirt was paired with a t-shirt for a unique, fun and day appropriate outfit. 

This skirt actually started out as a slip!  Patricia Field loved the color and design so much, she used it as the skirt.  This outfit is compared to her short tutu from the series intro scene (learned from here).

Want to get the look?  You can actually get this same t-shirt on Ebay.

campojari seller - Buy it now for $50

Skirt options:

Short style in that pretty purple by Asos

A fuller skirt by Alloy

For a more tailored skirt - J.Crews brilliant purple skirt

Updated: Just found this exact knock-off of Carrie's skirt on eDressMe if you are looking for something more exact:

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You could also dig out an old prom dress and repurpose the bottom half for a skirt... :)