Chasing Davies: Stairway Makeover

May 3, 2010

Stairway Makeover

This past weekend was filled with many house projects.  One that I didn't think was going to be too time consuming, ended up taking up half of my Sunday!  It was time to breakup all the gray....

My staircase needed some pizazz, so enter a bunch of different photo frames I had already, nails and a little muscle:


Putting up a bunch of different frames needs a little mapping out - although I'd have loved to just slap them up there - I'm sure they wouldn't have been even or balanced.  So I gathered some tissue paper to map out where I was going to put the frames:

1. I first held up the tapped together tissue paper to the wall and traced the edges of the wall so I knew exactly what space I had to work with.
2. Then laid it on the ground to play with the frames.
3. Once I liked how the frames were clustered, I traced them.
4. Then I took a picture (so I could look back and remember how I liked them)
5. I set aside the frames and lightly tapped the paper to the wall:

6. I hammered the nails right on top of the tissue paper, lining them up with my tracings.  I did make a few tweaks after I double checked position with a level and measuring.
7. After all the nails were in, I carefully pulled off the tissue paper and then hung the frames!

The end result: