Chasing Davies: Decorating the New White Bookcase

April 1, 2010

Decorating the New White Bookcase

Now that our home is officially put back together after the painting (book shelves and railings were the last to be put back) and gleaming white - time to put it back together again (or in the first place)...stuff like, hanging pictures, decorating the mantle and the bookshelf, etc.

Starting with the new white bookshelf, I put it back together again.  First, lets take a look back on the befores:

 Back when we first moved in...

With our new couch, and stuff on the shelf...

And NOW!

The white shelf is the perfect backdrop to photos, books and memorabilia.

I will break it down for you:
Top 2 Shelves 
Top Shelf Call Outs: special display of the fabulous book - The Gospel According to Coco Chanel, Twilight series (my sister has my 4th!!) and Stotan (one of my fav books)
Second Shelf Down Call Outs: Filled a vase with wine corks, Left candle from Anthro (my favorite scent, Valcano) and another candle.

Bottom 3 Shelves
Top Shelf: Ode to our alma-mater, signed by Danny Manning (awesome gift to us), Original edition "I Married Adventure" book (love the brown zebra hardback)
Middle Shelf: Kate Spade Mirrored Picture Frame (need to insert wedding photo), Turquoise vase from Target and Wedding Photo book
Bottom Shelf: Personal photos and and Photo book signed by friends.  Front photo is of my two boys (Husband and Dog) taken by me in college for photo class - I love it.

What's on your bookshelf??  Anything abnormal or interesting you may not normal find on a bookshelf?