Chasing Davies: Bye-Bye Naked Windows! Part 2

April 26, 2010

Bye-Bye Naked Windows! Part 2

Sorry I kept you waiting on the second part of my dressed up windows.  The living room has felt great since putting up my new light turquoise curtains that I showed you last week.  Now, for my dining room:

Before... Naked Windows

And now?

Ok, so I didn't stray from what I did in the living room.  But did choose a thicker (not black out thick), faux-silk one to dress up the dining room a bit more.  I just love the light turquoise color with the yellow walls.  It really adds a pop to this room!

The panels I chose were from the same brand I got the living room ones from:

Classic Home Faux Silk Window Panels

Now I need to work on getting stuff up on the walls, a center piece for the dining room table, oh and many many other things... :)  But it's coming along!