Chasing Davies: My Husband & My 1st Anniversary

March 7, 2010

My Husband & My 1st Anniversary

Today we've been married for one year!  It seems like just yesterday we were planning and looking forward to the wedding & our honeymoon.  And now it's already been one year!  A busy year.  A great year.


Today we also get to eat cake that is 1 year old!  How it'll turn out, we'll find out... My loving parents held on to the top of our cake in their extra freezer.  My mom wrapped it in layers & layers of foil, then in saran wrap and then in a heavily tapped up box. 

A year ago...

It was a lot warmer.  

Some pretty amazing people in this bunch.

Making it official.

Hopefully our year old cake will look something like this. :)

So only married a year, but we're in our 8th year together! I hope every year is this amazing. xoxo.