Chasing Davies: Target Polka Dot Merona Dress Review

January 26, 2010

Target Polka Dot Merona Dress Review

A few weeks ago, at Target, I spotted Merona's new spring collection of very Kate Spade-like designs and bold colors and patterns. Back at Target this past weekend, with more time - I tried on Caroline Shirt Dress.

Target Merona Women's Caroline Shirt Dress In real life
I really liked it - it's comfy and cute, but it would definitely need to be hemmed (easy to get done). It went to my mid-shins. I think it'd be a bit younger looking if it went just above the knees.

The belt is attached at the side seems - so it is not removable. I would like it to have been, so you could swap it out with fun belts to switch things up. But I think you could still sport a belt if you wrap the dress belt around and tie in the back, as shown:

Looks cute just worn like that too, for a different look. With a $40 price tag, plus some hemming to be done, I still think this dress is worth it. I haven't gotten it (yet?), but going to keep my eye on it!

Has anyone else tried this dress on? What do you all think? Worth it?