Chasing Davies: Blazin' Hot Blazers

January 5, 2010

Blazin' Hot Blazers

Tis' the season for layers, layers and layer somemo'. I can't get enough. As I've been piling on my long sleeves under my cardigans, I realized I need a blazer to put atop and I have NOT-A-ONE! No blazer! So, I'm on the hunt! And goes right along with my giveaway. :)

Do any of you have any recommendations on a good, solid, structured blazer/jacket that won't completely empty my wallet (after all, I want new shoes, too!)?

Here's what I've spotted:

J.Crew Wool Herringbone Professor Blazer

J.Crew Velvet Eden Blazer
me likey...

Banana Republic Classic Structured Jacket
mmmm...i like.

J.Crew School Boy Blazer

Gap The Perfect Black Blazer

Any jackets or blazers you swear by? Oh, and want to win a jacket?? Remember to enter my giveaway here!