Chasing Davies: Blazer Love

January 25, 2010

Blazer Love

Well, a couple of weeks ago I went on a blazer mission. Not having one at all - I was needing one bad. Well, I succeeded and got TWO. A fun, funky one and more professional one.

The funky-fun one I got and wore last week, J.Crew's Velvet Eden blazer:

I just loooove this green color. I wore mine over a grey dress, with purple tights and gold accessories. I love green and purple combo.

Velvet Eden Blazer by J.Crew in real life
You can find this blazer on sale for $59.99, plus get 30% off now through the 27th with code: EXTRA30 - Colors that are still available: Darkest Indigo, Harbor Grey, Dark Blossom, Iris, Black & Dark Slate.

Other new, more professional blazer outfit pics to come soon!