Chasing Davies: Dressing up the LBD for the Holidays, part 2

December 9, 2009

Dressing up the LBD for the Holidays, part 2

In the last post, I styled the LBD simply, yet it was classic and sophisticated. If you want a bit more flair in your Holiday outfit...?

The second way, add some color to your LBD.

Take this great fitting LBD or one you own and add bright tights, such as these Jeweled Pink Tights:
Or you could even add some Holiday sparkle to your outfit with sparkling tights:
Now add accessories in different, yet coordinating colors. If you wear the jeweled tone/berry tights, try adding a hot pink bag:
If you were more interested in a teal tight, try royal blue bag. Red tights? Add an orange bag. Something that pulls the outfit together, but adds depth and interest.

For jewelry, I'd stick to something black, and bedazzled for extra perk, to add to the dress, like this great statement necklace:
If going with a statement necklace, keep the earrings simple. In this case, try some black studs (or you could throw in some diamond or cubic studs):
With this outfit, you can wear black pumps, similar to the last look. Let the Pinks do the talking!

Another LBD look to come...Stay Tuned!