Chasing Davies: Christmas Gift: After Dinner Gaming

December 28, 2009

Christmas Gift: After Dinner Gaming

So after the fabulous dinner (from my fabulous new cook book), the girls and I whipped out one of my gifts from my loving husband...

Twilight Scene it? Deluxe Edition

He knows how much I love Twilight, and games for that matter! :) And what perfect timing - we had a bit of fun with this. "Max Plank" won. Then we ran some of the games, and each took the quiz, "What Cullen Would You Be?" One got Rosalie (which she is the complete opposite), 2 got Alice, and I got EDWARD! haha. For kicks, we did hubs - he got Edward, too! Is that weird we both got Ed?

Anyways - a fun game that I will sure bring out for other girl gatherings to come!