Chasing Davies: Target Fall Finds

November 3, 2009

Target Fall Finds

Went to Target for dish soap, husband's shaving cream, razors, Kleenex and eye liner sharpener. I found those things and so much more - why, oh why does that always happen. I whine, but I love it.

Has anyone else seen that Target is now selling some E.L.F products? Mainly gift sets for the Holidays, but this $1 per make up piece has always been a favorite of mine. The shipping prices, not so much - so if it's now coming to a Target near me...I'll be happy!

 E.L.F make up products at Target
My Target End Cap full of ELF (and available online too)

Target Sherpa Hoodie to Rival JCrew's!
Thanks to Coley for the heads up on this steal. Check out her in the black Sherpa Hoodie.

I tried on the grey and teal:Target Sherpa Hoodie looks like JCrewI went with the grey, because I liked the white subtle trim and contrast between the grey outer and white Sherpa. I also figured it'd go with a lot. I have a feeling I'll be living in this soft wonder all winter long around the house and on the weekend... and for $20, that'll make my Cost per Wear super low - pennies low. Sizing, I went with the L, while the M fit, I figured I might layer other clothing under or shrink it (accidentally) in the wash.

Keeping on the soft insides... I got these slippers/casual lofers. They look just like the Ugg ones.

Ugg like Moccasin Slippers by TargetWomen's Chaia Suede Moccasin Slippers - Tan; $16.99

Um. Comfy. If I pair these with the new Sherpa Hoodie, I don't think I'll ever leave the house. These loafters are lined with faux-fur = no socks needed! They have a rubber sole with tread that make leaving the house in these (while, maybe not to work or a restaurant) possible (though my friend, Tiff, might not agree...;). I went up a half size in these - probably due to the fur lining.

Sale on turtlenecks - in my Target B&M store these were on sale for $5! So I got this light grey and white stripped one for layering:
Merona® Long Sleeve Turtleneck - Grey Stripe
Online they are on sale for $12.99 and come in black stripe, and tons of solids; long or 3/4 length sleeve.

I also purchased the yellow leather gloves I posted about:
yellow leather gloves from Target
A couple house items I really want (and actually didn't leave with):

I just instantly fell in love with this art piece. Think it'll look so pretty in my future Grey and Yellow living room. I don't know how much this was, because it wasn't marked and figured I'd run it by the hubs first (how nice of me) and look for it online. Go figure, I can't find it online. And the hubs I'll be making a mad dash back to Target B&M to get it.
See other Paris inspired wall art online here.

I adore this simple, silver mirror. We need a mirror for our bedroom, and this might be the one... Brushed Finish Mirror - Silvertone; $69.99

So last, but not least...the shoes I pranced my way through Target in - were no less, from Target. I always feel a little silly when I got into a store wearing something from that store...more so JCrew and smaller shops, but while walking through the shoe aisle - spotted my beloved Target Cranberry flats I've posted about ON SALE. Ok, so only $5 off, but they were cheap to begin with and so worth it - comfy and cute.

And speaking of sale and cute shoes - you'll just have to wait for the next post to see the last item I spied on my Target trip. This one deserves it's own post!